Tailored educational solutions

Learning support for children and teens with school difficulties

Educational support

AccessLearning was founded in 2015 by Stacie Allard who specializes in educational support for children with learning disabilities including dyslexia, dyspraxia/ DCD, dyscalculia, ADHD/ADD, autistic spectrum disorders, and other specific learning difficulties.

AccessLearning provides tailored educational support and coaching to children, adolescents and university students. Services include customized one to one lessons and specialized group courses. In addition, AccessLearning provides services for parents, training for pre-service and in-service teachers, as well as educational assessment to inform instruction and for obtaining testing accommodations for external exams.

Educational support services


Private tuition as well as extensive and short-term courses,  workshops and intensive study days for small groups.

AccessLearning educational testing

Educational testing

Assessing the learning profile of children and adolescents using a wide range of assessment tools, followed up with an educational assessment report accepted by external exam boards


Consulting on all things educational, educational assessments,  as well as parent workshops and short courses on supporting your son or daughter’s learning



Workshops and seminars, as well as consulting services  for  schools, universities and professionals (e.g. doctors and psychologists)

Educational support courses and workshops

AccessLearning organizes educational support courses and workshops for children and teens of different ages and for their parents. The courses provided by Stacie Allard are focused on supporting children with their independent projects; helping them to better implement time management strategies; and catch up if they have fallen behind in one or more school subjects.

Parent workshops include help with choosing the right school (with the highly successful workshop ‘Your child and Multilingualism in Luxembourg’); support for parents who regularly help their child/children with their homework; and ideas and strategies for cultivating and supporting a home culture where systematic independent revision is expected.

The educational support courses and workshops are held in a small group format and on-demand workshops are also available. Have a look at the Courses and Workshops page for more information and contact us by clicking the button below.