Fee schedules

  • Private tuition – 80€ per hour plus VAT
  • Parental consultation – 80€ per hour plus VAT
  • Courses and workshops – By course and workshop
  • Teacher Training – By quotation
  • Educational Testing – 80€ per hour plus VAT

Discount for weekly coaching.

Travel fees for private tuition and consultation:  By arrangement

Cancellation policy

  • Private tuition may be cancelled without charge within 24 hours
  • Courses are paid for after the first lesson and are not refundable unless another participant can be found


  • Private tuition and consultations are to be paid in advance or at time of service
  • Courses must be paid after first lesson
  • Teacher Trainings will be invoiced
  • Cash or bank transfer BCEE IBAN LU87 0019 4455 7009 0000 (with service noted)